Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Scarecrow At Dingle-Doo

In field that lies in a Dingle; near the Village of Dingle-Doo.
Stands a Scarecrow who scares the crows away with words like "Scram!" and "Boo!"

One day he had a problem, with a crow called Jack the Lad,
Who had flown down from the City, to drive poor Scarecrow mad.
At night when Jack was sleeping, he decided to seek advice,
He complained to Oscar; the wise old Owl,
 "That Jack pinched corn from my field; Twice!"

The Wise Old Owl looked puzzled, and blinked, and sort of frowned,
"Who, Who," he asked the scarecrow, then turned his head right round,
To where Nutty the Squirrel was sitting, with a nut between his paws.
"Tut, tut," said Nutty, "He's back is he, Breaking all our laws."

Oscar blinked again. Then said, "Whoo, whoo!" in surprise and disbelief,
"I thought he was back in the City, Who, heck, he is a thief."

Scarecrow said, "I've booed him and I've shooed him; and I even told him to scram.
Still I cannot get rid of him, so I wondered if you have a plan,
because if he takes anymore corn our losses will be a lot higher,
the farmer will stick bangers in me and put me on the bonfire."

"Whoo, whoo, whooo, I know," said Oscar excitedly,
"We'll scare him from the field, just you wait and see."

It was very early next morning, when Jack the Lad was out of his nest.
Scarecrow saw him coming, and said, "Here he is the pest."

Jack circled around the field, screeching at the top of his voice,
"I'm Jack the Lad and I'm coming in your field, and you ain't got no choice!"

Scarecrow waited in silence, without uttering one boo, or shoo.
Jack cheekily strutted towards him. But he only took a step or two,
when...BANG, BANG, BANG! went three bangers, really close to where Jack the Lad stood.
He dropped a piece of corn from his beak, and flew off to Ravens Wood,
All the Crows were panicking; some were hiding behind the trees.
Jack said, "Cur, cur, cripes!" and felt poorly and shook at the knees.

Scarecrow laughed his head off, then picked it up and put it back on.
Then he shouted excitedly, "It worked, It worked, he's gone!"

"What a hoot!" said Oscar, "Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hooooooo!"
"Tut, tut." said Nutty unimpressed, "Course it worked, I knew it would do."

So nowadays, you never hear a scarecrow shout, 'Scram!' or 'Boo!' or 'Shoo!'
But you will hear them letting off bangers, like the Scarecrow at Dingle Doo.


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About me.I like to laugh, so I have written this blog to make everyone laugh.

About me.I like to laugh, so I have written this blog to make everyone laugh.
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